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Through our counseling, education, and training programs, we do change lives.  Our dedication to staying abreast of scientific studies in brain imaging and proven techniques helps us understand how the brain works, and therefore what interventions are the most likely to help.  Our early childhood programs and parent education programs work to prevent problems and intervene early.  Our counseling programs aid struggling individuals to help them become strong, healthy, productive family and community members.

Our expertise is in Trauma (including PTSD)  and Attachment though we can help with a number of different problems including depression, anxiety, ADHD, behavioral problems in children, relationship problems, couples issues, and many more.

BIPR offers low fee, affordable psychotherapy and Mental Health Services to children, adolescents, adults, families and couples through its effective, highly respected counseling program. BIPR uses a sliding fee scale based on a person’s ability to pay.

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baby-in-crib3Early Childhood Council of Boulder County Announces A Special Community Event:

ECCBCDr. Sarah Watamura will present “Toxic Stress: How Children’s Experiences in the first 3 years of life have a Life-Long Impact”

Toxic stress is strong, persistent activation of the body’s stress response.  It is worsened in conditions where children do not get consistent support from their caretakers.  Extreme poverty, neglect, abuse, domestic violence, and severe maternal depression are some instances that can create toxic stress in child.  For those children, severe consequences can result including cognitive deficits, academic problems, emotional problems, and even health problems.  Children must have safe, secure environments for the brain to develop optimally.  Come to this fascinating presentation, to learn more about what is needed for children to grow up to be strong, contributing members of our society.

Dr. Watamura gave this talk in Denver to a standing-room only audience. Now the ECCBC in collaboration with other local organizations are pleased to bring Dr. Watamura to Boulder to present this crucial information. Read more

This event is co-sponsored by the Boulder Institute for Psychotherapy & Research

When: Thursday, October 16th, 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM (Noon)

Where: City Council Chambers – 1777 Broadway Street Boulder, CO 80302

Presented by: Dr. Sarah Watamura

Cost: FREE

RSVP for the Event (Space is limited, please RSVP)

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Evening Parenting Series: BE THE BEST PARENT YOU CAN BE!


Join us for our monthly parenting presentation.

We are so excited about this free lecture series which will take place the third Thursday of each month from 7:00-8:00 PM.  Parents who have the time can stay until 8:30 PM for a question and answer period.  If you do not see something here that you need as a parent, please let us know and we will be happy to offer it in 2015.   All lectures will take place at the Wilderness Early Learning Center 2845 Wilderness Place, Boulder, CO.  ECE credits are offered with these presentations.


October: Beyond Time-Out: Enriching your parenting discipline toolkit

When:  October 16th  7:00-8:00 with Q & A from 8:00-8:30

Where: Wilderness Early Learning Center 2845 Wilderness Place, Boulder

Time-outs don’t work for all children or at all times. This presentation will help parents develop a number of different strategies to deal with their child’s misbehavior.  Even better, we will suggest a number of strategies to help parents prevent problems before they start.

November:  The Explosive Child:  Helping the Highly Reactive Child

When: November 20th  7:00-8:00 with Q & A from 8:00-8:30

Where: Wilderness Early Learning Center 2845 Wilderness Place, Boulder

Some children go from zero-to-sixty in a matter of seconds; one minute they will be fine and the next they will be raging at a parent, a teacher, or a sibling.  This presentation will help parents understand how the nervous system of a highly reactive child is different and learn strategies so that caregivers are no longer walking on eggshells.

December:  No class in December


 Psychobabble… A Monthly Salon Series for Mental Health Professionals

sofa-row-smBoulder has a wealth of dedicated, highly knowledgeable mental health practitioners. Psychobabble provides opportunities for colleagues to gather in a less formal setting, socialize, network, promote your practices, and learn from one another while enjoying some wine and cheese on a late Friday afternoon.

Every month we spend the first half-hour socializing informally, then there is a one-hour presentation by a local Mental Health Professional, followed by a half-hour for Q&A and open discussion.

We so very much look forward to this monthly opportunity for collaborating and increasing our sense of professional community, especially given the private nature of the work that we do!

These monthly meetings will take place at Wilderness Early Learning Center – 2845 Wilderness Place, Boulder, CO 80301. Parking is free.

We are asking for a small donation so that we may provide wine and light refreshments for everyone. (A suggested $10 – $20 donation would be greatly appreciated)

These meetings will take place on the 3rd Friday of each month from 4 – 6 PM.

We ask you to please RSVP for this event so that we will know how many to expect and provide refreshments for. RSVP for the upcoming Psychobabble on the right-hand side of this screen.

Upcoming Presentations: 

10/17/14 – Teresa Robertson, RN, CNM, MS
11/14/14 – Jenni Skyler, Ph.D., MSEd
12/19/14 – Kate Asmus, MA, LPC, BMP
1/16/15 – Dave Sullivan, MSW, CAC II
2/20/15 – Dana Satir, Ph.D.

Interested in presenting your work at a future event? Contact us at:


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