The Boulder Institute for Psychotherapy and Research builds bridges between the latest advances in the knowledge of human development and effective services that promote healthy lives and communities.


BIPR envisions a future where its therapeutic model transforms communities through the early development of healthy minds and secure, resilient relationships.


BIPR values…

Diversity: We seek a vibrant community in which one’s differences are celebrated.

Equal Access: We believe that people of all ages, from all economic and cultural backgrounds should have equal access to mental health resources and services.

Collaboration: We believe in an environment that fosters collaboration among experts, practitioners and those in need of their services.

Empowerment: We seek to build one’s capacity for mental and emotional health and are committed to supporting everyone in reaching their full potential.

Brain science: We are committed to promoting validated, empirically based, state of the art knowledge.

Informed community: We are dedicated to building a community armed with the latest advances in mental health and human development.

Innovation: We are committed to pursuing innovative solutions that fill the gap between mental health services and education.