2012 Upcoming Front Porch  Lectures
Speaker Seminar Date Location
Efrat Ginot, Ph.D.

 Encountering the Implicit Self in Psychotherapy: Intersubjective and Neuropsychological Underpinnings to Knowing the Other

Dr. Ginot is a gifted clinician whose elegant case examples beautifully demonstate how principles of neuroscience can be used to produce change in psychotherapy.Her deep understanding of therapeutic enactments and her empathic responses to these entanglements have been an inspiration to all at BIPR who have read and studied her work. We feel very fortunate that Dr. Ginot has agreed to present at an upcoming Front Porch Lecture.

May 18, 2012 First Baptist Church
 Beatrice Beebe, Ph.D. Infant Research and Adult Treatment: Videotaping Mother-Infant Interactions and Videotaping the Analyst’s Face Dr. Beebe will explore a view of face-to-face interactive processes that informs both mother-infant communication and adult treatment.  Three bodies of information will be brought together. First, a dyadic systems view of face-to-face communication will set the stage for an understanding of nonverbal communication across the lifespan. This view construes the dyadic system to be the basic unit of interest. Second, this dyadic systems view will be illustrated through research on early mother-infant communication disturbances. And third, this dyadic system will be used to explore processes of nonverbal communication in adult treatment through a new project, “Videotaping the Analyst’s Face: Video Feedback Consultations for a Patient Who Does Not Look.”Watch for information on how to register in the coming days! August 3,20121:30-5:30 Nomad Theatre
Community Education Lectures
Marian Salley, B.A., Organizer and Moderator


Last Chance for Eden – A documentary about nine men and women discussing issues of racism and sexism. They examine the impact of society’s stereotypes on their lives in the workplace, in their personal relationships, and within their families and communities. This event consists of a 90 minute film with a discussion to follow.

This event was jointly sponsored by the Boulder Institute for Psychotherapy & Research (BIPR) and the YWCA.

April 13, 2012 YWCA 2222 14th Street, Boulder
Early Childhood Education Lectures
Cynthia Divino Brain Science of Trauma and Attachment: Developing Strategies for Handling Difficult Child Behaviors April 7, 2012 YWCA
Cynthia Divino Neurobiology of Attachment: Implications for Parenting Plans for Children Under 5Presentation for the Interdisciplinary Committee on Child Custody March 7, 2012 Spice of Life Event Center