Front Porch Lecture Series

The Front Porch Lecture Series provides therapeutic training opportunities for psychotherapists, counselors, and other professionals who assist adults, children, and families.

The Lecture Series goal is to bring cutting-edge research findings and integrate those findings into  clinical practice to enhance the Boulder professional’s knowledge, expertise, and skills. National and international speakers are invited to speak at these lectures.  Often these speakers are willing to stay for an additional small group presentation the following day exclusively for members.

Sneak Preview: 2014 Front Porch Lectures

Jeremy Holmes, MD.  Attachment and the Inner World       April 11, 2014

Michael Levin, M.D. Treating Addictions: A Neurophysiologic, Psychodynamic, Buddhist Approach                                                                         September 19, 2014

Ruth Lanius, Ph.D. Early Life Trauma, Dissociation, and DID October 24, 2014

We got rave reviews the last time Dr. Lanius came to speak so we decided to bring her back.


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