BIPR is delighted to announce we have welcomed the Bright Beginnings program into our home.  When Parenting Place closed, Bright Beginnings needed an umbrella organization to host the Boulder branch of this state-wide Early Childhood, home-visiting program.

This will enable BIPR to make an impact on children’s brain development from the very first days of life.  We will also be able to introduce families to the services provided by our Zero-to-Five Program which will give families the ongoing support and education they need to promote optimal brain development in their children.

Please take a look at our Bright Beginnings page for more informaton.



We kicked off October with 3 presentations at the Colorado Association for Early Childhood Professionals.  Kristi Pikiewicz, Ph.D.’s lecture on Working with Children to Develop Self-Control and the Ability to Self-Soothe was so popular, it had participants dragging in chairs from another room.  Tiffany Allen, M.A. gave an extremely well-received and informative presentation Promoting Secure Attachments in Children: Starting Babies on the Road to Life-Long Success and Cynthia Divino, Ph.D. presented a two-hour workshop entitled, The Brain Science of Trauma: Developing Strategies for Helping Challenging Children.

In mid-November, we staffed an aid station for this Gemini Adventures health-promoting marathon around the Boulder Reservoir.  It was a blast!  BIPR volunteers, clad in Halloween wigs, masks, and costumes, met runners with homemade goodies, good cheer, and caring enthusiasm.  Our dedicated volunteers steadfastly cared for the runners for 30 continuous hours.  BIPR then was the recipient of the proceeds of this race. Our volunteers had so much fun, most asked if they could help out next year.

Karen Rosica, Ph.D. began a six week course for advanced professionals on Clinical Entanglements in our quest to continually improve the quality of psychotherapeutic services in the Boulder and surrounding communities.

Our Zero-to-Five Program partnered with Our School Preschool to present two free parent and Early Childhood Professional Education Lectures on The Importance of Attachment Relationships in Infancy and Early Childhood.

The grand finale was Mary Sue Moore, Ph.D.’s ground-breaking professional lecture on Dissociation and Traumatic Attachments.  Once again, she awed seasoned professionals with her insight and ability to synthesize and transform complex neurobiological findings into useful clinical applications.

Our big celebration came when we happily accepted a grant from Wells Fargo Bank at a wonderful breakfast meeting.  Thank you, Wells Fargo!!!


BIPR held its annual meeting on September 10, 2012.  Congratulations to our new officers: Ashlee Moore, President, Abby Walker, Vice-President, Sherry Kristmann, Secretary, and Patrick Seal, Treasurer.  We sadly said goodbye to Leslie Padilla, who has served on our board for two years.

On September 1st, we expanded into our new office in our partnership with the Wilderness Early Learning Center (WELC).  WELC is an incedible, innovative partnership with other non-profit organizations invested in Early Childhood.  We join Acorn School, Head Start, the Wellness Initiative, CU’s Child Learning Center, Tiny Tim, Kid Connects, the Play Therapy Institute, pediatricians and dentists to provide comprehensive services to young children.  It is a very exciting time for BIPR as we plan many wonderful collaborations with our new partners.

Come join us at our Open House at Wilderness Early Learning Center: 2845 Wilderness Place, Saturday September 15th 10:00-2:00.



Whew!  March was a busy month!
We just completed our sponsorship of of the Level II EMDR Humanitarian Assistance Program training for 21 employees of nonprofit organizations. Two of our therapists, Tiffany Allan, MA and Marian Salley completed the training and are rapidly working toward becoming certified EMDR therapists. Many thanks to Rosemary Wrzos, our very own EMDR consultant for working many hours to make this training happen and for serving as a facilitator during the training. We would also like to thank Nancy Maron for her generous donation that enabled our therapists to be trained in EMDR.

Our Zero-to-Five program held 4 trainings. The first one, presented to the Interdisciplinary Committee on Child Custody (Boulder IDC) was entitled: The Neurobiology of Attachment: Implications for Parenting Plans for Infants and Children Under 5. It was well attended by local judges, lawyers, and therapists in the community.

We also held a seminar entitled Attachment Theory: Implications for Clinical Practice for the Counseling Center at Naropa University, and two trainings for the Early Childhood Staff of Boulder County Head Start. entitled: The Impact of Chronic stress on Infant and Child Brain Development: Implications for Dealing with Challenging Child Behaviors in Preschool Settings.

And we are off to the races in April!

Early Childhood Professionals Training: On April 7th, we offered a workshop for Early Childhood professionals entitled: The Brain Science of Trauma & Attachment: Developing Strategies for Handling Difficult Child Behaviors.  Designed for Early Childhood Professionals, we had 13 incredible participants from many local preschools and licensed family day-care home.  All participants received a certificate for 3 hours of Social/Emotional Training hours upon completion.  Co-taught by Cynthia Divino, Ph.D., Tiffany Allen, M.A., and Kristi Pikiewicz, M.A., it received rave reviews from participants!  Thanks to the Early Childhood Council of Boulder County for contributing to this training.  It allowed us to offer scholarships to attendees who may not otherwise been able to attend.

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Racial Diversity Awareness Evening: Our racial diversity awareness evening was by organized Marian Salley, B.A., our Smith intern.  Held on April 13th and co-sponsored by the YWCA, we viewed the film Last Chance for Eden followed by a discussion. It was an extremely moving learning experience and had a profound impact on many of us.  Attended by 30 people including BIPR staff, volunteers, and founders, many of us moved a step closer to understanding how we might act to eliminate racism.  As a result, we are even more committed to helping our community become a more equitable place to live.  BIPR took its first step today in that process by signing up to become a participating organization in One Action, One Boulder.  The discussion was so helpful, we have decided to have on-going discussion groups.  In the next few weeks, we will be finalizing plans for what these groups may look like.

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We have many more exciting events in April!

Sensory Integration Disorder: On April 25, we are holding our Community Education Free Public Lecture for professionals, parents and other interested community members. Entitled: Helping Children with Sensory Processing Disorders, this informative presentation will be taught by Roianne Ahn, Ph.D. and Ana do Valle, OTR.  We are fortunate to have Bixby School co-sponsor this event.  Many thanks to Sarah Ahn for organizing this event.  We have been astounded by the sheer number of people who have signed up for this event.

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Seeds of Change: Finally, we will conclude this month with our Annual Fundraiser:  Seeds of Change.  Guests will be treated to a free lunch, wine, entertainment, a video, an information about BIPR. The Seeds of Change event will be held on Monday April 30th from 12:00 to 1:00.  It is designed to last exactly one hour so that people can come for lunch in the middle of a busy work day.   If you would like to learn more about our wonderful organization or would like to donate to make a difference for the children and families we help, please come.

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Save the Date! Upcoming Front Porch Lecture Series

Dr. Efrat Ginot, Ph.D. – Friday, May 18, 2012, 8:30 am – 4:30 pm

The Empathic Power of Enactments: The Link between Neuropsychological Processes and an Expanded Definition of Empathy

Dr. Ginot is a gifted clinician whose elegant case examples beautifully demonstrate how principles of neuroscience can be used to produce change in psychotherapy. Her deep understanding of therapeutic enactments and her empathic responses to these entanglements have been an inspiration to all at BIPR who have read and studied her work. We feel very fortunate that Dr. Ginot has agreed to present at an upcoming Front Porch Lecture.

Dr. Beatrice Beebe, Ph.D. – Friday, August 3, 2012, 1:30pm – 5:30pm

Infant Research and Adult Treatment: Videotaping Mother-Infant Interactions and Videotaping the Analyst’s Face

Dr. Beebe will explore a view of face-to-face interactive processes that informs both mother-infant communication and adult treatment.  Three bodies of information will be brought together. First, a dyadic systems view of face-to-face communication will set the stage for an understanding of nonverbal communication across the lifespan. This view construes the dyadic system to be the basic unit of interest. Second, this dyadic systems view will be illustrated through research on early mother-infant communication disturbances. And third, this dyadic system will be used to explore processes of nonverbal communication in adult treatment through a new project, “Videotaping the Analyst’s Face: Video Feedback Consultations for a Patient Who Does Not Look.”

Watch for information on how to register in the coming days!